Facial Treatment Testimonial

Done facial treatment at MyClinic untuk buangkan kotoran black head & white head yg degil tu! Yelah kalau dah shooting hari2 kene makeup, sekali sekala kene jugak manjakan kulit ni. Apepon, Auramen supplement pon kene amalkan setiap hari untuk rawatan dalaman, barulah cantik luar cantik dalam bro 👍🏽

We are number one !

Thank you everybody. MyClinic has been voted the number one aesthetic clinic in Klang valley. We were chosen to be the top 15 clinics out of so many clinics in Klang valley and we came out as top. Why are we at the top spot?

1) Pricing with no compromise on the machines and products used
2) Excellent service. We don’t do 30 mins facial. Our medical grade facials are modified and we dare you to compare with other clinics
3) No hard selling with free consultation from Certified doctor registered with MOH
4) Results that we can deliver
5) Treatments that are done by certified and qualified beauticians and experienced doctor.

More at: http://www.tallypress.com/features/your-one-stop-solution-to-a-greater-looking-skin