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Contest: Apple Cheeks Augmentation

Have you ever dreamt of having pretty round cheeks that make you prettier as you smile? If so, join our contest and stand the chance to win a free treatment… guest what! Korean Apple Cheek Augmentation worth at RM 3,800! Step 1: Re-post this photo on facebook, tag at least 5 female friends and include […]

Getting to Know Your Skin Type

Knowing the type of skin you have will help you to make better decisions about the products in your skin care routine. Many men and women who suffer from acnes or other skin problems misdiagnose themselves and end up choosing the wrong care product or treatment that might damage their skin and cause additional skin […]

A Closer Look at Latest Acne Treatments

Acnes are one of the most common and hated skin conditions. They affect almost 50% of men and women between the age 20 and 29. There are hundreds of treatment options available to clear or reduce the severity of acnes. Yet, very few of these treatments have proven their effectiveness against severe acnes that often […]