Keloid Scars Causes and Available Treatments

Keloids are scars that appear on parts of the body exposed to injuries from surgical cuts, vaccination or body piercings. Most keloids develop additional tissues that steadily grow and extend beyond the injury site. Some Keloid scars can be easily concealed beneath clothes or behind hair. But those that appear on the face or other exposed parts of the body may affect the patient appearances and, subsequently, their self-confidence.

Currently, no surgical or medical treatments that can make keloid completely vanish. Nonetheless, considerable reduction of the keloid to match the tone, colour and texture of the skin can be achieved via a variety of existing medical procedures. Read more

Laser Treatment Testimonial

“Ni lah gambar yang Ida update kat facebook and Ig Ida hari tu. Hahah boleh pula ada yang salah anggap ingat ida buat lasik untuk mata. Bukanlah! Ni Laser Treatment khas untuk masalah kulit!. Yang pakai baju hijau tu Dr.Hoe namanya. Pakar untuk selesaikan masalah kulit  …” -Ida Mansor

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Top 8 Things To Blame for Skin Discoloration

The skin is a delicate and sensitive organ that can be affected by our diet, aging process and even emotions. When little care is given to the skin, it becomes susceptible to a wide range of diseases and health conditions that can damage its structure or alter its color and texture. Nonetheless, not all of these diseases or health condition stems from negligence or lack of hygiene. Some are known to be caused of hormone changes or genetics. Regardless, we’ve pick 10 of these conditions are considered common. Read more