Nose enhancement

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Happy with my recent nose enhancement filler only from @my__clinic. Thank you Doctor Hoe & the rest of @my__clinic staff for the amazing service!
Just a simple, non painful, 10 minutes procedure with reasonable price! Immediate results guarantee!
Book your appointment today for more amazing services & packages available from @my__clinic at 03 7710 9889 or go to for more info #nosefiller

The second branch of My Clinic is now open in PUCHONG.

My Clinic has widened its network to serve more clients and spread more cheer. You can now get your beauty therapies at our new branch in PUCHONG.

Acne recovered with just 3 sessions

Real picture. No edit. No cut and paste from Internet. Acne recovered with just 3 sessions of our secret facial treatment and home care products. Strictly no accutane, no lip dryness no dry face. Below are the details :
1) MY Clinic acne facial RM 180 n above per session per month
2) MY Clinic home care acne products RM250 for 2-3 months supply
3) Acne cream to apply on the face RM 80 n above (lasts one month)To know more, and to set an appointment for free consultation, call us at our 2 centres now. Number to call at front page IG.
Gambar sebenar . Tiada edit. Tiada cut n paste dari Internet. Jerawat pulih dengan hanya 3 sesi produk rawatan dan penjagaan produk Kami di rumah. Tiada accutane , tiada bibir kekeringan ,tiada muka kering. Di bawah adalah butiran :
1 ) MY clinic acne facial RM 180 n di atas setiap sesi sebulan
2 ) MY clinic produk jerawat RM250 untuk bekalan 2-3 bulan
3 ) Krim Jerawat untuk aplikasi pada muka RM 80 Ke atas ( tahan sebulan)
Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut , dan untuk menetapkan temujanji untuk rundingan percuma , hubungi kami di pusat-pusat 2 kami. Nombor tertera di laman IG kami

Blackheads treatment

Blackheads problem. With our advance medical grade facials, black heads can be removed without going through the extraction pain. We use Hydrafacial and silk peel which are the 2 special facial machines to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and revive problematic skin problems. Our facial first trial n packages are having massive promotion at the moment with 50% off facials and packages with savings upto RM2000. Definitely affordable to many. Call us at our 2 centres now. Damansara uptown 03-77109889 and Puchong 03-80717485

Acne Treatment starts as low as RM180.

Acne problems? Tired of putting concealer? Tired of taking accutane? Have tried many treatments but still fail? Treatment of acne is understanding acne itself. Varieties of treatments available for acne. Don’t give up hope. Don’t be stressed. there is a solution for everything. To know more of our success stories of acne treatment without accutane, call us now at both our centres at Damansara uptown and puchong. Treatment starts as low as RM180. Call us to know more. #acnebyebye #ihateyouacne #acneproblems #acnefree #acnetreatment

masalah jerawat? Bosan tutup dengan concealer ? Penat mengambil accutane? Telah mencuba pelbagai rawatan tetapi masih gagal? Rawatan jerawat adalah untuk memahami jerawat itu sendiri. Pelbagai rawatan yang ada untuk jerawat. Jangan putus asa. Jangan stress . terdapat penyelesaian untuknya . Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut cerita kejayaan kami merawat jerawat tanpa accutane , hubungi kami sekarang di kedua-dua pusat kami di Damansara uptown dan puchong . Rawatan bermula serendah RM180. Hubungi kami untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut. #selamattinggaljerawat #ibenciyoujerawat #jerawathilang