Genetics and Under-eye Puffiness

If you tried everything starting from proper sleep and ending with excluding of high amounts of alcohol and sodium, but under-eye puffiness hasn’t disappeared from your puzzled face, it means you are predisposed to have this genetic “gift”. It also might be an age trait.

Over the years, you lose collagen and elastin in the under-eye area, as a result skin beneath your eyes sags. Tendency to sag is a genetic feature. Let’s try to figure out if your puffy eyes are something you will have to admit by glancing at the clock hands. Do the swollen eyes appear in the early morning hours? Does it get better by the noon? Among other things, puffiness which is flown away by afternoon is a good symptom. It shows that your case is not steady and you have problem with fluid retention which retreats during the day.

But puffy eyes that are come in spite of the clock, your environment and stress factors are unfortunately something you have to deal with ultimately. If you don’t want to bear it anymore, it’s time of changes and alternative solutions. Cosmetic procedures are accessible to aid refine the appearance of the skin under your eyes and make your face look healthier and happier. MyClinic offers 3 methods to solve your permanent problem: PRP, stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, Mesotherapy and Derma Fillers.

PRP therapy uses your own plasma and platelets taken from a small sample of your blood to promote your collagen to grow and improve the skin’s texture and elasticity beneath your eyes. Myclinic recommends to repeat supportive PRP procedure every 3-6 months that to keep the result. The number of treatment needed depends on the severity of the eye puffiness among other factors.

Mesotherapy is another safe, not surgical option which treated by micro-injections at the dermal layer of the skin beneath your eyes. It requires 2-4 sessions 2 weeks apart for desirable effect.

Derma Fillers consist of hyaluronic acid which is injected in the puffy bags beneath your eyes. Clear gel softens and hydrates the skin that to help to stimulate collagen and elastin organization underneath your skin.

To choose the right method that fits you, make an appointment to our aesthetic physician Dr. Hoe. Call us 03-77109889.


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