Keloid Scars Causes and Available Treatments

Keloids are scars that appear on parts of the body exposed to injuries from surgical cuts, vaccination or body piercings. Most keloids develop additional tissues that steadily grow and extend beyond the injury site. Some Keloid scars can be easily concealed beneath clothes or behind hair. But those that appear on the face or other exposed parts of the body may affect the patient appearances and, subsequently, their self-confidence.

Currently, no surgical or medical treatments that can make keloid completely vanish. Nonetheless, considerable reduction of the keloid to match the tone, colour and texture of the skin can be achieved via a variety of existing medical procedures.



One of these treatment is steroid injections which is carried out by injecting steroid called triamcinolone into the scar, levelling it down and reducing the swelling it creates. This procedure might need to be repeated several times-depending on the size and severity of the scar- to guarantee better results. Steroids injections doesn’t make scars disappear, but rather make them extremely hard to notice or distinguish from the skin underneath.


Transparent silicone sheet

Silicone sheet is yet another treatment for keloids. This treatment has proven its effectiveness in shrinking and flattening the keloids as well as fading their colour. This is due to silicone’s natural properties that allows it to hydrate the skin and reduce capillary action of the scar, eventually flattening it. Silicone sheet is the least invasive of scar treatments. It is also safe, painless and cheap.

Lasers also have been used in the treatment of keloids for decades. The laser treatment utilizes light energy to generate heat on the skin surface, smoothing the scar and remove its abnormal color. Most laser therapies for scars are performed in conjunction with other treatments such as of steroids injections, use of special dressings and bandages. Sometimes, multiple treatments might be need to achieve the desired results.


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