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  1. Farida Lajim
    Farida Lajim says:

    Hi doc, how can i reduse the fats on my cheek and jawline? I am also interested to do the korean forehead. May i know how much does it cost for both prosidure? Thank you.

  2. Kiew
    Kiew says:

    Hi dr, may I know why my skin become so dry after I came from Malaysia to Australia ? And often appear with rashes on face . Dermatologist here diagnosed me with Perioral dermatitis I have been taking antibiotic for more than a month .. Those acne like things gone but my face become very very dry .

  3. liyana
    liyana says:

    Hello Dr. I have lot of scars pimples on my face. And my face look dull and I was trying too many kind of product but none of them really affects on frustrating .what kind of treatment that really suit on me? And how much cos it will

  4. Shahila
    Shahila says:

    Hye doctor, did ur clinic provide treatment for tighten pores because I have large pores opening on my face n small rashes-like pimples n it was really disturbing and frustrating. Could u recomend me what kind of treatment should I go to overcome this problem?

  5. Sherman Leong
    Sherman Leong says:

    Hi doctor, a 20 yo student here, the acnes on my back although had stopped growing, but left scars behind (majority are light except few dark spots), in relation to that i would like to enquire for the following questions :
    1) what laser treatment can be used and how much does it cost ? (Would’nt mind the few dark scars as long as the overall skin tone does not look like galaxy)
    2) whats the recovery time required for healing ?

  6. camalia
    camalia says:

    Hi doktor..sejak beberapa tahun yg lepas..saya mengalami masalah jerawat..Saya telah guna pelbagai alat kosmetik tetapi tidak membuahkan hasil..Ada beberapa alat komestik yg saya gunakan berkesan tetapi ianya hanya berkesan dlm beberapa minggu..kemudian jerawat saya tumbuh kembali..Bila ke kuliah,kawan2 sering tanya kenapa muka sampai ada jerawat bernanah..segan nak hadap kawan2 dgn muka yg penuh dengan jerawat..jerawat saya ni aktif di bahagian dagu dan dahi..adakah rawatan lazer boleh menyelesaikan masalah ini doktor?

  7. Ayfa
    Ayfa says:

    Hi Doc, I got scar that coz by excident and it long time ago since I school. I feel ashamed becouse of it. So may I know at your places got laser to remove my scar? As all my friend said that laser is the best way to do. The scar already 14 years since I’m in form 3. Please help me. If you can email me for it and the cost for laser. As my wedding will be near. Thanks.

  8. Miss scars
    Miss scars says:

    Hello Dr. I think i got a lot of scars after have been a chicken pox a few weeks ago. It stress me out ! Is there’s anything to help me clean out of this problem :'(
    Because i think this place will be my solution of all the things !

  9. Pavie
    Pavie says:

    Hello Dr. I have lot of scars pimples on my face. And my face look so terrible and I was trying too many kind of product but none of them really affects on I’m using tea tree oil products, is that other any kind of treatment that really suit on me? And how much cos it will

  10. aryani nazura mohd arif
    aryani nazura mohd arif says:

    i want to have a pretty face but not only for my face but also for my body.i want to transform to someone new .i want to have a white skin n face and not actually i have a really dark skin but our weather here is so hot so my skin have two tone of colour and also for my hand .so can u help me in order to get a white skin like naturally white ??

  11. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Hai Dr Hoe,saya ada masalah kulit yang teruk..Kulit muka saya dipenuhi oleh jerawat nanah,parut jerawat berlubang ,parut jerawat , dan bintik bintik hitam..Saya dah try macam macam product,Tapi cuma berkesan dalam tempoh seminggu sahaja..Saya nak tanya,kalau gunakan kaedah laser untuk hilangkan semua masalah ini ,boleh ke Dr Hoe dan berapa kos untuk membuatnya?

  12. Areum
    Areum says:

    Hi doc . What treatment should i get for oily prone skin acne with acne scars ? And how much will it cost ? Also about the weight loss mesotherapy treatment , how much the cost is if I want to do it on the whole body ?

  13. SarahYahaya
    SarahYahaya says:

    Hello Dr. Hoe. I have ongoing skin condition. The skin is always inflamed, itchy and sometimes infected. I seems like eczema. Its almost 10 years since I got it. So I have a huge scar there if there is no breakout. But lately that I notice my skin getting drier and evrytime its inflamed and itchy, it is easier to be wounded when I scratch. What do you think my condition is and is the any treatment to treat and also remove the scar? Thank you.

    • admin
      admin says:

      You may come for the consultation first, we have to check your skin condition before recommend treatment. Our consultation is FREE, kindly contact us at 03-77109889(Damansara Utama), 03-91346333(Cheras) or 03-80717485(Puchong) for appointment. Thank you.

  14. Amy
    Amy says:

    Hye doc, i would like to know whether you have treatment for armpit. My armpit are so dark, i dont know why. Its not that i didnt take care of it, im a hygienic person but still it happened. Helppp

  15. AMIRAH
    AMIRAH says:

    Hi , say dah lama tengok My Clinic . boleh saya tanya ? saya tinggal di pulau tioman . saya ada masalah kulit whitehead di sekitar T-zone dn saya tak pernah bersolek atau paki krim , bila saya pakai moisturiser , dan kerja . pasti akan berpeluh banyak muka . kalau tak pakai , tak berpeluh . kulit muka gelap . boleh bantu saya ?


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