What is a Nose Thread Lift?

Nose Thread Lift is a non-surgical nasal augmentation procedure. The procedure will include short threads which will place into the nasal bridge to shape the exact nose height and shape that we want. The procedure takes around 15-30 minutes and the result can last around 1-2 years. The treatment is just like a surgical nose job except that the implants are dissolvable within 1-2 years. You will be able to enjoy beautiful nose with a long lasting lift.

Benefits of Nose Thread Lift

✓ Able to lift the nose tip

✓ Minimal Downtime

✓ Improvement in nose contour

✓ Slimmer nose bridge

✓ Reduce the width of the nose

Good for people with:

✓ Nose that is slightly off center

✓ Big nose tip

✓ Poor nose tip angle

✓ Wide nose